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AC Maintenance

Home air conditioning systems require regularly scheduled maintenance services at least once yearly to function properly, protect your investment, and validate your warranty. Industry research clearly shows that regular preventative HVAC maintenance servicing will significantly prolong the life of your system, keep it running most efficiently for energy usage, and maintain clean operation inside your home. Also, many air conditioning product warranties require yearly AC maintenance to ensure the validity of the unit’s warranty.

Technician Repairing Air Conditioner
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Comfort Brothers Heating and Air offers elite air conditioning services throughout the Atlanta area. We specialize in AC repair services for various product makers and brands, old and new, for both residential and commercial. Excellent technical and customer services are impossible without our friendly and prompt professional HVAC technicians.

Common Problems we Fix

  • AC Electrical Issues

  • Outdated and inefficient Refrigerants 

  • AC Water Drainage Issues

  • Ductless mini split repairs

Cleaning the Filters
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